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Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 18:35:36 -0000

Well, that's true.

> Macedonian
> companion cavalry, Clibanarii and Cataphracts all are described in
> primary sources as making lance charges (although probably not
> couched lance charges) without stirrups. But they didn't make the
> charges that the later Normans were so feared for.

Yes; I mentioned 'couched' for a reason. Although I'm no expert on military-type stuff, I gather it's quite possible to use a lance without stirrups, just not in the way that seems (to me) to be the defining feature of Western warfare.

> Personally, I am fine with my Western knights being Clibanarii and
> Cataphracts but I will happily defer to Greg.

And, in any event, YGWV :)

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