Re: Heroquesting to travel

From: parental_unit_2 <parental_unit_2_at_Izp6QAgTzaSnCkXjyZDnJFE6YMI3x93C0Dz1T0_1pZC9TM_vHhGZvSH_NaQP>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 03:03:31 -0000

> > In Wyrm's Past there
> > was a description of characters using the Storm Bull Path

>> for emergency

> > travel, which I guess reflects an event in your own campaign.
> >
> > Something since discarded?
> Yes. Or else perhaps it was an early stage of developing that
> form of travel.

In Jeff Richard's Sartar game, we similarly used the Stormwalk Heroquest to travel to Stormwalk. I suppose Jeff might have gotten the idea from Wyrm's Past.

At the time, I remember the consensus was that stories of journeys to places could be used to speed travel to those places. We haven't since tried that again in our other campaigns, so I don't know if it's a useful story element or not. I suppose it could be abused, but real heroquesting is so difficult that it would probably be a desperate measure for anyone but superheroes.


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