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YGWV On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 9:15 AM, Sean Foster <> wrote:

> As Greg Sez:- YGWV
> How commonplace is Heroquesting? I remember hearing that Harrek the
> Hsunchen "Heroquest'ed" while he slept?

Not from me.

> Further, that you can 'Heroquest' to
> go somewhere..Ralios to Fronela.if memory serves?

In normal Heroquesting a person must exit the Hero Plane where he entered it.
Going in inDP and exiting in Ralios is something will occur later, during the Hero War, when the cosmos begins to break apart again. but it is not, in any way, normal.

Can Dipsomanix the Cupthane, a one legged, Colymari Hermit/Shaman
> "Heroquest" 100 miles to the Greydog Inn each night, by popping some Hazia
> onto the fire - hooking into the myth of the creation of the Inn (or its
> brew) and so just turn up on a stool by the bar?

Sure, s an exceptional occurance, perhaps one that can't be repeated by others--for my game. But it's your game, and YGWV

> Could he collect his nights coin as part of the Heroquest? When cleaning
> the "till" each morning Kornos is always surprised to find another
> "newishly" 4 coppers from the 1520's with the King Sartar stamp.

Much more difficult.
Physical objects do not transfer this way. If you wished to remvoe somethign rmo the Hero Plane, you'd have to bring something similiar there and leave it to replace what you remove.


Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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