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Sean, your story is more important than any 'answer' or 'truth' you might get here. I say the answers to your questions are all yes. You only need story reasons why and you don't seem short of those. The main thing is that people enjoy your game so unless this clashes with anything else they've seen, it shouldn't be a problem. Even if it does clash, it can become a curiosity or point of awe. Personally speaking I love the sound of how you think about your games, from this very little snippet; I'm sure your players feel the same. As to 'can you heroquest every night?' - he's a shaman, right?

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As Greg Sez:- YGWV


Can Dipsomanix the Cupthane, a one legged, Colymari Hermit/Shaman "Heroquest" 100 miles to the Greydog Inn each night, by popping some Hazia onto the fire - hooking into the myth of the creation of the Inn (or its brew) and so just turn up on a stool by the bar?

Nobody can really remember how he got there, just that he is always there. Nobody can ever remember him leaving, he's just never there in the morning.

Could he collect his nights coin as part of the Heroquest? When cleaning the "till" each morning Kornos is always surprised to find another "newishly" 4 coppers from the 1520's with the King Sartar stamp.


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