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We speak of the Hero Wars as the time when things begin to fall apart. We always say 'soon'. I think it's worth noting that 'soon' is like when Christ said (paraphrasing here) the Kingdom is coming soon, in fact it's here. I think that is what Greg is going for; we don't have to wait for Hero Wars books to be published to know what happens - our games tell what happens. Your game is what happens.

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I want to reinforce the storytelling perspective.

The world works one way, here's what the rules say. But the proper GM response is a hearty "Yes, but..."

The bar stool guy? "Yes, but hes the only one int he universe (right now)."


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> At 05:15 a.m. 7/10/2008, you wrote:
> >How commonplace is Heroquesting? I remember hearing that Harrek the
> >Hsunchen "Heroquest'ed" while he slept?
> I think he was wide awake,

For me, he slept through it. I'll have to find my notes, but I'm pretty sure he was a youth then, and not the White Bear. I'm on the road now and without any references. Perhaps someone an cite references for his story?

>Further, that you can 'Heroquest' to
> >go somewhere..Ralios to Fronela.if memory serves?

As my previous post said, for 99.9999999% of Heroquests you will exit ONLY where you entered.

Sir Ethilrist.

One of those exceptions. The one whose deed tempts and taunts others to try to do the same thing.

> There's also the Westfaring quest from Dragon Pass to Luathela with
> various stopping points in Ralios.

But those points are in the Hero Plane, not the mundane plane. When Harmast visited Ralios on his LBQ it was the Hero Wars Ralios, not his end-of-first-age Ralios.

Just to note about this kind of thing: soon all of Glorantha will come apart as the Hero Wars begin. Those kinds of things will be done, and more. Exceptions always exist, and so there IS some guy who does appear on a bar stool every night and leaves some coins. Or someone who knows a way to go from here to there, by blinking.
And in the Hero Wars the exceptional becomes common, My perspective here is to present the way it is, now, under normal circumstances.

Also, Dragonewt Roads act as if they are telepotation sites for dragonewts. In the Dragon Age these roads covered the whole dragon empire, including from Peloria to Ralios.

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 3:37 AM, Matthew Cole

> Sean, your story is more important than any 'answer' or 'truth' you might
> get here. I say the answers to your questions are all yes. You only need
> story reasons why and you don't seem short of those.
> The main thing is that people enjoy your game so unless this clashes with
> anything else they've seen, it shouldn't be a problem. Even if it does
> clash, it can become a curiosity or point of awe.
> Personally speaking I love the sound of how you think about your games,
> from
> this very little snippet; I'm sure your players feel the same.
> As to 'can you heroquest every night?' - he's a shaman, right?
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> As Greg Sez:- YGWV
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> Can Dipsomanix the Cupthane, a one legged, Colymari Hermit/Shaman
> "Heroquest" 100 miles to the Greydog Inn each night, by popping some Hazia
> onto the fire - hooking into the myth of the creation of the Inn (or its
> brew) and so just turn up on a stool by the bar?
> Nobody can really remember how he got there, just that he is always there.
> Nobody can ever remember him leaving, he's just never there in the
> Could he collect his nights coin as part of the Heroquest? When cleaning
> the "till" each morning Kornos is always surprised to find another
> "newishly" 4 coppers from the 1520's with the King Sartar stamp.
> Sean

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