Re: Questions about wyters

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_28IWKIzd7vr4JsriffbIzOIb19ZNIcLAiDhqUaYuHhxEVjom2WgxaLzLXI_AzhEjx1kQ>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 08:07:31 -0000

> > Yes, I was just curious since the transformation of the Star Bear into
> > the Moon Bear (after Sedenya had ridden it, as the story goes...) and
> There is still an "Orlanth the Bear," but it's a smaller cult, and
a weaker
> aspect of the god. So in a sense, there was a recognition of the
> bear of its own Lunar being, which separated from the original bear.
As it
> is worshiped in Sylila, it is quite strong.

There are quite a few bears in Peloria and Dragon Pass. You get the black bears of Ertelenari (associated with Earth and Oria), the brown bears of Arakang (associated with Air) and of Odayla (also associated with Air). Then there is the Moon Bear/Sky Bear - which is a constellation - and is associated by some with the Moon (by others with Air, and with still others with Earth).

> BTW, this would have been done by Ulurda (Orogeria), and discovered by
> worshipers of that Lunar Aspect. Once discovered and his Lunar powers
> proven, he is available to be worshipped by others (though again, mostly
> people in Sylila do.)

I've heard one Sylilan priestess claim that the Sky Bear is the true bear - and is the source of all bears, be they black, brown, white or red. The same priestess claimed that all bears are associated with the Moon because they endlessly cycle between hibernation and activity, between sleep-death and life. I dismissed that as mere Lunar mystical mumbo-jumbo, for by that logic we are all associated with the Moon.


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