Re: Heroquesting to travel

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_KayiD93p1a07dgVWZz6RZUjDdmsdEIPciKo2oYlJKIP1vCM71iYWfOrV1HBEwOCRj2>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 21:00:07 -0000

> Just to note about this kind of thing: soon all of Glorantha will
come apart
> as the Hero Wars begin. .........
> My perspective here is to present the way it is, now, under normal
> circumstances.
> Also, Dragonewt Roads act as if they are telepotation sites for
> In the Dragon Age these roads covered the whole dragon empire, including
> from Peloria to Ralios.

In theory, if there were a heroquest whose story is about how a hero got from point A to point B by extraordinary means, would repeating the story in a full heroquest let you go from point A to point B in the 'real' world, or only in the hero plane?

Also I'll note that, IIRC, the _secret_ of Mastakos, as presented in Thunder Rebels, is the ability to go into the hero plane, then come out at the hero's home temple during the next holy day (high holy day maybe?). That is the secret of the god of movement, so I'd guess that any quest allowing you to do much better than that would be unlikely before things begin to seriously fall apart.



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