Glorantha Material for Sale in Toronto

From: epweissengruber <epweissengruber_at_2ObRxsJGbNlVHL9Qdu5RTyl1NWhTwrr5Wq0BPJ13BUAGuRXPzxNFMHbRn0i->
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 05:33:10 -0000

Any Gloranthaphiles in Toronto can pick up a whack of material from me for cheap.

I might even let all of this stuff at a discount price to anyone willing to buy it all at once -- let's say $100.

Hero Wars Set (for the lot $35)
- Deluxe Hero Wars boxed set + Complete Griselda + Widow's Tale +
Storm Tribe + Thunder Rebels + Barbarian Adventures

HeroQuest ($50 for the lot)
- Hero Quest, Role Playing in Glorantha 10

Gloranthan Classics ($30 for all three)
- Legacy of Pavis 15

RQ 3 Material ($40 for everything)
- Apple Lane 2 (poor condition)

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