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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 02:41:44 -0000

Gedday folks

Volume One of the Ontolosnan Creators' Guidebook is nearing completion, and will hopefully be distributed in mid November.

I've posted one of the introductory essay to my Journal page to give an overview of Ontolosna and an idea of what the Bright Journey Project - an exercise in community world building - is all about.


As well as the intro essay there is a map and a glimpse at some sample pages from the Guidebook.

All Ontolosnan project books will be distributed as free copyleft PDFs under a Creative Commons licence.

Ontolosna is not Glorantha, but it builds on my worldbuilding experience through many years of creative to and fro with the Gloranthan community. In many ways the project harks back to the days when Glorantha was a community-driven creative frontier, and is inspired by the sucess of Gloranthan lists such as Whitewall.

System is still a ways off, but Heroquest is looking likely.

The guidebooks are not the game or campaign book, but reference works that lay out a foundational structure (world, gods cultures, genre) for those interested in co-creation. My goal is to produce two guidebooks for co-creators before settling down to cooperatively produce the campaign and system gamebook.

If you're interested in joining in, in engaging creatively to produce a world with its gods and histories and cults and cultures for a roleplaying campaign, keep an eye out for the first guidebook sometime in November. :)

Ontolosna is a progressive realm of female power where violent warfare is comparatively rare, and where humans create and direct their deities in massive Theagyn rituals. Ontolosna's cultural analogues are North Asian in inspiration—Tibet, India, Korea, China, Japan—and the project's design aims are to question and explore notions of gender construction, religion, myth, violence and social change in a game environment with a particular eye to the nuances of genre and storytelling. Ontolosna is equally utopian and dystopian in its portrayal of the various peoples who live beneath the ever-changing eye of On, the Great Lantern.

Ontolosna is part creative dream, part desire to look with fresh eyes and a questioning mind, part fantasy ethnography, and part adventure campaign, but mainly it is a response to the call of a rich and wondrous story demanding to be told.



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