Re: New One Man and His Dice podcast is up!

From: John Machin <orichalka_at_LUQPyJ6LjQPOBQJUuENINL6k1zWegPCriR0RePxcTjT2iRh0T5jAN_E0tVKyKRXyLw>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 09:16:15 +1100

2008/10/23 aureclepius <>:
> --- In, "Todd Gardiner"
> <todd.gardiner_at_...> wrote:
>> Aside from these podcasts, there is absolutely no
>> mention of HQ2 on the web. Not the Issaries site,
>> not anyone else's site. It's like it doesn't exist!
> I completely agree.

I do too! I had a whinge about the poor communications within the community and the even more poor communications from the publisher(s) to the community a while back. It compares very badly to other "indie" RPG publishers who seem to make good communications a major point of policy.

John Machin
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