Re: New One Man and His Dice podcast is up!

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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 08:44:25 -0000

I completely agree.

If you aren't suscribed to either the WorlofGlorantha or the Heroquest-RPG newsgroups is very hard to know any news about Heroquest or Glorantha.

These lists are useful, but really, I don't think they can bring new players to Glorantha the way a good webpage and a advertisement policy from the publishers could do.

> Does anyone keep a website with news and updates on
> Glorantha and Heroquest?

There isn't even a webpage for Moon Design... or have I missed it? A simple webpage with an associated blog with news about upcoming supplements, rumours, previews, or *something* could put Heroquest and Glorantha again in the (Internet) map.

I understand Moon Design is not a big company, but is a simple webpage with a simple blog such a demanding and time-consuming resource?

> It seems like the community does not try hard to
> keep their own websites up-to-date.

I dare not to say "Fan Policy" for fear of the Gift Carriers ;).

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