Re: HQ2 and the Great Compromise - trying again...

From: jclebreu <jclebreux_at_OSx9sJ5E2IgkyOHOL2xPK5PTZMf5Tulw4GFJsk0U2FvI2THEj8FWbtzmxLTvh58qNQ>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 08:10:21 -0000

> In much less finished form, we have The Lure and the Dread (More
> adventure), ExtRem_37 (Sci-fi adventure on a remote mining colony), the
> Sartar Book and the Pavis Adventure book and Coming Storm.

Please, could you say more about "sartar book" and "coming storm" ? thanks
So, no "great argrath campaign" in 2009 ? LOL            

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