HQ2 and the Great Compromise - trying again...

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Arggghhhh ! I hate hitting the "send" key accidently!

As I was saying...

The reason why there are no official links is that there is not a solid date we can point to and say "It will be availble Here". There are still kinks being worked out of the manuscript, but we have started looking for artwork, which is a milestone on the way to publishing.

Realistically, I doubt it will be ready by Christmas unless the stars align perfectly. I *really* dislike to advertise a date befroe I have a really firm grasp of the time commitments.

We have the first volume of the Lords of the West in artwork as well. This supplement is by Trotsky, and covers "the West" in a general way - much like ILH1 did for the Lunar Empire.

After LotW1 and HQ2, we have manuscripts in hand and ready for editing for Aldryami (All elves, all the time) by Shannon Applecline; LotW2 (Kingdom of the Flamesword, covering Seshnela and the Rokari church in detail); and Distant
Shores (A sea-borne campaign where your heroes get to aid in a major event in the Hero Wars).

In much less finished form, we have The Lure and the Dread (More Seafaring adventure), ExtRem_37 (Sci-fi adventure on a remote mining colony), the Sartar Book and the Pavis Adventure book and Coming Storm.

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Mouth of Moon Design
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