Re: Early, or Late Event?

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 07:56:03 -0700 (PDT)

Terra asks:

> 1) In other words, it might mean that Cultures not influenced "by Unity
> Council", (like Malkioni Culture and Kralori Culture, even Dara Happan
> Culture rejecting Unity Council Influence.) might still think that there was
> "Time" before 0 ST, if I literally interpret the sentence, "there is no
> 'Time' before the 'Cosmic Compromise' at least in Heortling 'Unity Council'
> Mythology."

I don't think there is an answer to this in the canon. In My Glorantha, there was in fact no time before the Dawn, but there was causation, which leads some cultures to believe that there was time before the dawn. It is certainly canon that some cultures believes that there was time before the Dawn.

> >What time does is that it allows us to relate events that are not connected
> >by cause an effect.
> > For example, I can relate events in Kralorela with events in Jrustela in
> > the second age because they occur at the same time.
> > But I can't usually relate events that occurred in Prax before time with
> > events in Dara Happa that occurred before time.

> I see, but how the distance of two cultures (Comparing DH and Prax might not
> be good example, not in geographical, but in mental) influences to the events?

In My Glorantha, time allows you to relate events that are not connected directly by causation. Take this example: If I am playing with marbles (sadly, I lost all mine), and I shot one marble that hits two, each of which hits another two, I can trace the causation of the last four moving back to the one that I shot. But, without time, I can't say which one moved last.

Likewise, in Glorantha before time, I can say that Orlanth killed the sun, and that had a bunch of consequences (for example, Trolls coming to the surface and the grass turning brown), but it is meaningless to try to compare events that occur down those different paths. Which came first, the trolls rising or the grass turning? Neither.

> 3) Perception is subjective, and progression of lights of Sky might not be
> important for non-star seers.

I agree that HeroQuesters' perception of the events in which they participate is heavily influenced by their assumptions, but they can't simply make something up and see it on the Hero Plane. Cultures outside of Dara Happa might have no idea of what the true reasons were for a celestial event. They might ignore it or make up their own reasons. Their own reasons might have a grain of truth that allows intrepid HeroQuesters to discover a greater truth. When Praxians enter the sky, they see little that is familiar because most of their stories about the sky are just stories, not myths. It is really disorienting for them. "What? Bronze Treasure isn't Waha's home in the sky? Who is this Shargash guy?"

Chris Lemens            

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