Early, or Late Event?

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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 22:45:02 +0900

Throwing a stone in a deep pond....

 I was recently asked about 'Entekosiad', most enigmatic one of Stafford Library. Malion asked me very difficult (godlearnish?) question.

'Then, which event is the earlier one, the gods 'Second Error', or the destruction caused by Daak, the Stranger.'

I am not sure about my answer, but tried to explain him that there is no 'Time' before the 'Cosmic Compromise' at least in Heortling 'Unity Council' Mythology. So sequential events are subjective, like events experienced by Valare Addi.

'And Dara Happans, the traditional ruler of Pelorian Basin don't believe any important event before the rule of Yelm and Murharzarm. So, though Lunars insisted that Red King "ruled" before Yelm, and that Green Age preceded Golden Age, it was FALSE for Dara Happans, and these events are thus after Yelm, and stories are should be that of Debarkers, after the Flood.'

And I have an impression that some events are not 'cause and effect', but resonances of each other events. See below my godleanish timeline table about the events of Entekosiad.

Green Age
Wendarian Age
Story of 'How Men Got Useful.'[_at_]

*Late Green Age

Entekos killed by 'Crooked Gods' in 2nd Error [*] Brightface betrayed DerOrios and Protector Among Seven [+] and killed Franaans in 2nd Error.
Naveria[Natha] killed 'Red King' Vantestos. [Lunars might believe these events happened before Yelm, but DARA HAPPANS CAN'T BELIEVE ANY EVENTS OCCURED BEFORE YELM.]
*Golden Age

Yelm ruled the World [or Small World of Dara Happans] [Moon Verithurusa]

*Late Golden Age

'Daak' knocked down Sun.
'Daak' raped Dendara and killed her.[_at_] Dendara Planet fell from Sky.[*]

*Storm Age

KataMoripi[Planet Black Dendara] rose in the Sky. [Moon Lesilla]
Emperor Urvairinus defeated Lord of Seven.[+]

*Late Storm Age

[Moon Gerra]
Shargash and Kazkurtum


Palmsters made Fire and rekindled Turos.

[*],[_at_],[+] events share similar situation and similar characters, I suppose these are intentional coincidence.

I am not sure my answer is true or false, how about your 'Truth'?


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