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YGWV On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 6:51 AM, Gianfranco Geroldi <>wrote:

> I have quite a can of worms in my campaign.

Sounds like fun.
The Sheng Seleris story

> The issue is: how can a hero defeat the effects of Time in
> Glorantha? (just for himself, let's start easy!)
> I mean, that is not a Resurrection or a Cross the Otherworld Barrier
> problem, but a Reverse or Block the Process of Aging Attempt, for
> example.
> What's the token resistance?

19w16, according to my scale published in old HQ.* The attacker cannot use any augments or assistants in this. OR, if they had them, I'd give the universe a long series of preparatory helpers to oppose them, or cancel them out if you want them to watch, of dissolve their beings slowly so they can see their leader become the impossible.

> Ok, I could say: impossible, or Defeat Humakt before that or Marry
> Ernalda and Replace Orlanth before That, but just to have a hint for
> the narrator about the required resistance of the world against such
> a contest, if it were abstracted in a single dice roll,

Single die roll?
The affrontry of this makes me want to just say, "always 4 more masteries than the player character."

> how many
> masteries would show up?? And Who would impersonate the resistance?
> Arachne Solara? The Whole Pantheon of Yelm? The Invisible God?

There would be a series of them, really, who would have been met along the way towards getting to the point of Ultimate Power, which is what you are asking for.
There is no identity to the force that would resist this. Any identity that can be conceived would only be the next-to-ultimate force, because *by definition* the Ultimate is unknowable.
Here is a touch more of what I'd do:
This is a fairly typical story in Hindu mythology. The being seeks ultimate power of some type and gets it from Shiva or Vishnu, and conquers the world--that is, enforces his entirely new part of Creation successfully into the world. But it is always a failure, because there is a weak spot in the power. There has to be--it is part of the flawed created world (our Everything World).

*and if you give out the same number of hero points, and burn them up, at the same rate that I used when I played my campaign. You know--the number and rate that are not given anywhere in the text? Those rates. (I'm sure that the new HQ will not make that same mistake.)
Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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