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YGWV On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 10:25 AM, ttrotsky2 <>wrote:

> I'd imagine that the only time such things ought to get difficult if
> is the myth is directly related to the god's gender - "Yinkin Seduces
> the Hot Young Goddess", for example. But even then, you just find a
> similar myth that works the other way about (in this case "Yinkin's
> Daughter Seduces the Hunky Young God"), which will get you the same
> effect without any increase in difficulty.

Just for the record:
Anyone can worship Yinkin for the sensuality aspects that he manifests. If a woman wants of make him an offering to increase pleasure, whether it is a back rub or entertainment sex, that is fine because it takes two to tango in all these stories.

But as far as the storytelling goes, and modeling for activities, I will point out that Uleria is still the Orlanthi sex goddess, so powerful that her powers can be demonic in that they can drive humans to madness and death, as well as providing earth-shattering sex or a time-shattering foot massage. But her powers are impossible to avoid, and it is more likely than not that the relevant story would be "Uleria seduces hunky young god."

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