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Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 18:28:27 -0800

> Apparently I had not read this yet:

Apparently? You're not sure? :-).

> I was under the mis-interpretation that the bronze age was rather lacking
> in
> birth control. I was assuming (incorrectly) that fertility controlling
> magics would be under the control of feminine deities.

Remember that Glorantha isn't the real world, so what Bronze age remedies were available may or may not be relevant. And that Glorantha is more "advanced" in certain ways than even the modern world (after all, they can bring a person back from the dead and regrow limbs).

Ernalda is the source of human fertility (both ensuring and preventing) among the Heortlings, so yes, "fertility magic" is under the control of a feminine deity. It is widely available to anyone in a heortling clan - unless there are interpersonal reasons why the entire clan wouldn't want to use it for you - which is totally outside of any rules, and is covered by your storytelling.

> Things I had not considered included charms from your friendly Kolat
> shaman
> and practicing the rhythm method. These last two do become increasingly
> harder to do for devotees, however.

As my mom (a pediatrician and OB/GYN of 60 years) says, there is a name for people who rely solely on the rythm method: parents. I wouldn't use a Kolating charm as birth control, unless I was *absolutely* sure that he was reliable and had reliable anti-pregnancy magic. I think what the other person meant by "charm" is more in the way of common magic, or Ernalda magic; not an anti-fertility spirit charm per the rules on "Charms".

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