An observation about Yinkin

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_2-m5RJnjeUdyWrNZb8OlPoEKYRCv5JBIPWQ4wWDVePFoxnzOD72bEjsgq90tj7Ptt_K>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 16:44:14 -0000

It's always bugged me when Yinkin is referred to as a tomcat, and it's implied (but never stated out loud) that he(?) is only worshipped by men.

I think that's unthinking bias from male writers. Yinkin is an important hunting (and heroquesting) God, and I don't see any reason why his worship would be male dominated, let alone exclusive.

Many heortlings may think of Yinkin as a tomcat, but since there is no female cat deity, I claim that Yinkin's gender is actually very ambiguous... yinkin is a deity of sensuality afterall, not of male sexuality.

In a hunting focused clan I wrote for one PC, Yinkin is a very important deity for both men and women, not just the hunter's deity, but also an important source of their customs.


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