Re: An observation about Yinkin

From: markmohrfield <markmohrfield_at_AK4_sGxMmVk0BZcSHn8Xm9NcKM7DAyemFZycl8xwembV3MrLchv_rpGqIB_pI8>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 13:30:20 -0000

The nearest thing I've been able to find is in the old boxed set Glorantha: Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars on page 10, column two, which states "The death rates for most of the human communities of Glorantha are similar to those of ancient or medieval earth, but with the death rate spread out over all age groups, rather than being centered on childhood and old age."                                                                                         

Mark Mohrfield

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