Re: Resistance of Time

From: Terra Incognita <inarsus-ferilt_at__eMjbEmnhOQYkUkjMq0c_odc6b-oNdjluGA3hqckjwe-gJ5OumIAbCRcSQQlY>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 00:03:34 +0900

Hello, Gian:

I am not sure about the meaning of "Time" what you mentioned, but I suppose it isn't Thyme which Gene Wolfe intentionally confused.

(Japanese Edition 'Urth of the New Sun' is finally published, I waited more
than 10 years!
Sorry for degressing from the subject.)

If your hero (not immortal level) want to get some feats to achieve similar effect of stopping time or so, Kana Poor Cult in ILH2 might be good.

Its ordinates can 'compress actions', 'hold moments' and 'slow aging'. But they cannot make time go backward, or stop in true meaning.


Yup, thanks Stephen.
I was not looking for a world-shaking event like the Sunstop, but you are right: it is a great example of a Somebody vs. Time contest.

Now, I wonder, is such a contest scalable, so that personal issues
(pass me the wording, please) against Time are less difficult than
continental or cosmological ones?
Or is it a case like "small chaos is all chaos"? Once you (a hero) confront Time, you are put against the whole fabric of the Universe, never the less?


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