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Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 20:23:04 GMT

In message <> Chris Lemens writes:
>Donald Oddy:
>>Prior to the 20th Century populations expanded to the limit of
>>food resources and then suffered famines. That was with a high
>>mortality rate for both mothers and infants. This is still the
>>case in many parts of the RW.
>Things may have changed since I took way too much economic history
>in the late 80's, but this theory was in steep decline then.
>The theory starts with Ricardo, who said pretty much what Donald
>said. But later observation made this untenable as anything other
>than a starting point. The deviation from that starting point
>actually began outside economics, with those anthropowankers, who
>proved their worth this one time. They noted that there was a
>European marriage pattern that resulted in population below what
>you would expect under a purely Ricardian model. The major
>features of it were three, as I recall:

I agree it's a greatly simplified model and that social factors including, but not limited to, Christian marriage norms affect this significantly.

As a detailed discussion is way off topic I'm taking that off list.

Donald Oddy


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