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Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 23:57:21 GMT

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>> Published Gloranthan material assumes mortality rates much closer to
>> modern western ones on the assumption that magic provides equivelent
>> benefits to technology.
>Will you single some of these sources out for me?

I can't find anything which specifically refers to mortality rates. But take Thunder Rebels as an example. The marriage section mentions divorces but nothing about the death of a spouse. There's one mention of widows (in a specifically female context) but none of widowers. There's no mention of stepmothers (wicked or otherwise). This is pretty consistant across all publications - young NPCs are described with both parents living and no mention of dead siblings.

On the magic side we have the ability to heal horrendous battle wounds which would require a modern field hospital in the RW. Yet high birth and maternal mortality is mainly caused by infections and internal injuries. Most of which are trivial in comparison to a sword slash in the stomach.

Donald Oddy


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