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From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_Uhj9Xo9DB5Pp1x9cqmyNMOViGcWySL0_KQvUeBj3PNKl4X3dT0amWnP0N-ngrwc>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 15:09:45 +1100

<<A large percentage of the population of Old Pavis, probably between a third and a half, deals with spirits, demons and entities that would horrify the folk of New Pavis. >>

This is a conclusion I also came to when devising a "Balastor's Last Stand" scenario. Desperate times, desperate people, desperate cults. It is no surprise to me that there are chaos dens in the Rubble. Balastor's companions (in my game) are a rough assortment of folks with thier own secrets (dark, chaotic, self serving) making it hard to tell who are the villians - the humans or the trolls. The only thing that saves them is disunity among the Mothers and the Warlord Gerak Kag.

A few things I came up with - Jordak the Fang (the Vampire) was actually a companion of Balastor who survived the Last Stand. Gerak Kag was able to impose martial law (ie rule by himself as warlord) by pretending to keep Balastor (the enemy) alive - ie on a throne, with his armour. He was unable to stop his sisterwife Orcanic Kagrokka feuding with the Darkdemons, but did prevent the rightful Queen of Thogland claiming her inheritance. (the giant Thog, as a baby, was saved by Lord Pavis in the 830's when he floated down the river to hell's nursery, and returned later to the city as its rightful ruler).

We must remember that the trolls had been asked to come to Pavis by humans to help fight the nomads.


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