Re: An observation about Yinkin

From: Todd Gardiner <todd.gardiner_at_1heVssg3Ub4we9maz63sa8xdip5JlVooZa6b-6bmlMQv5siZDhsll2bajkVcEf>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 16:00:58 -0800

Apparently I had not read this yet: I was under the mis-interpretation that the bronze age was rather lacking in birth control. I was assuming (incorrectly) that fertility controlling magics would be under the control of feminine deities.

Things I had not considered included charms from your friendly Kolat shaman and practicing the rhythm method. These last two do become increasingly harder to do for devotees, however.

As for being pregnant not interfering with Yinkin activities. I would think that hunting would be impacted as severely as war-type combat. Unless you were using traps.

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