R: An observation about Yinkin

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Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 08:59:25 -0800 (PST)

The gender of deities is a difficult matter of debate. But, as far as I know, worshippers who are the same sex than their deity tend to be more succesful with the myths they play in, as if they perform better. An exception are water deities and Heler specifically. You could certainly have Chalana Arroy male healers or Lhankor Mhy sageswomen, but I *suspect* they meet some more resistance in some ceremonies and rituals than their counterparts. Other exceptions are also gods that in some way renounced to their sexuality, like Humakt, but I don't think Yinkin qualifies as such ;-)

Just my opinion, of course

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> Oggetto: An observation about Yinkin
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> Data: Mercoledý 5 novembre 2008, 17:44
> It's always bugged me when Yinkin is referred to as a
> tomcat, and it's
> implied (but never stated out loud) that he(?) is only
> worshipped by men.
> I think that's unthinking bias from male writers.
> Yinkin is an
> important hunting (and heroquesting) God, and I don't
> see any reason
> why his worship would be male dominated, let alone
> exclusive.
> Many heortlings may think of Yinkin as a tomcat, but since
> there is no
> female cat deity, I claim that Yinkin's gender is
> actually very
> ambiguous... yinkin is a deity of sensuality afterall, not
> of male
> sexuality.
> In a hunting focused clan I wrote for one PC, Yinkin is a
> very
> important deity for both men and women, not just the
> hunter's deity,
> but also an important source of their customs.
> -Adept
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