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Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 20:08:00 -0000

Gian asks:

> Would you like to extend your essay to Unicorn Riders, then?

They're not real Dedra. Everyone knows that. They don't even worship Waha or use the peaceful cut! Everyone knows that they mate with their beasts and use their weird magic to ensorcel and enslave occasional men. Kind of like the Red-Wound-in-the-Sky people. When they wear out the men, they sell them to the Morocanth! They are certainly not worthy of the attention of a real man.

Even worse, they are not worth raiding. If you steal their beasts, they just escape. That just proves that they mate with their beasts; why else would they want to go back to their outlandish mistresses? Instead, you have to kill them and eat them right away. (One of the khan's wives recommends sword grass as a seasoning. She says it offsets the overly sweet taste of the meat.)

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