Re: An Observation About Yinkin

From: John Machin <orichalka_at_iIVEOKb_RT-WcBeM3IoHcqlbhKxsvStfonqzDxdLNNMMfIMJEtMaiqckEYE7SsTgpV>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 09:22:06 +1100

2008/11/13 valkoharja <>:
> You have the stereotype on it's head there Donald. It's the young men
> who are irresponsible and emotional. A young Ernaldan lass is much
> more level headed, and will know what she is doing when playing
> bedmates with a male yinkini. A young man on the other hand, falling
> for a yinkini lass (or lad, there's always that) may well fall head
> over heels in love, and cause all kinds of distress.

Lets not forget the Yinkini lad who falls head over heels in love with basically every level-headed Ernaldan lass he encounters on his hunting trips... just because they are sensuous doesn't mean they are particularly smart about it. :)

John Machin
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