Re: Theory on the Puzzle Canal

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_oAEN3oRU-NbrZnZCTxgGaEXscX45KwJruz16SdOF9niz7YUtjE_jzQi2bSruQRh>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 11:34:24 -0000

> BTW, Loz and I will be making some major updating of the Puzzle Canal
> for the Pavis Book.

I am looking forward to the Pavis book. I'm sure it will Vary from my Glorantha - especially the Founding of Pavis story arc (830 to 834 ST) which is where some interesting things happened.

I've probably seen too many soap operas but I had Labrygon as a godlearner, the father of Lord Pavis. His mother was a life-nymph (similar to Nemolayope) rather than an elf. My Labrygon had a prototype of Jogrampur (in the form of a giant statue)that later became the Watchdog of Feroda. A lot of the things that go wrong in MY Pavis were caused by Flintnail being too hasty in recreating the Real City in the Real World. For example, the Elder Giant for the new creation was premature and later returned from Hell as Thog to claim his birthright.

I'd note, in defence of my theory, that the deeper caverns do indeed contain a giant Undine (King Undine) a bloodthirsty Vough (Wachaza) and a sea dragon (hmmm...possibly Tholaina?). The beasts: air, manatee; earth, waterlizard; fire, bloodbirds; darkness. waterleapers.            

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