Re: Ban on Orlanth?

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_U3Sxd3LGWvaVL77hWyFBrendjusPwC_9_5rS4xb49AfkOlHaSEUR8PenJzMF95AAGmtt>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 15:40:07 -0000

> Now this implies that the ban dates from after the fall of Boldhome.
> Or is it just that the suppression of Orlanth IN SARTAR dates from
> after the fall of Boldhome? How long has Orlanth worship been banned
> in Tarsh for example? Has rebellion in Sartar prompted an Empire-wide
> ban or has an Empire-wide ban prompted rebellion in Sartar?

Orlanth and the Red Goddess are mutually hostile deities, locked in a mythic conflict along with their worshippers. Communities dominated by the Orlanthi religion will forbid sacrifices to the Red Goddess within their precincts. The Lunar Empire forbids sacrifices to Orlanth where they can enforce such a ban at an acceptable cost. Where neither religion has the ability to ban the other (for example in Pavis), you might see both cults in an uneasy coexistence.

Remember, as an Orlanthi if members of your community sacrifice to the Red Goddess, they are directly endangering you! Magical rituals that normally are routine become dangerous and risky, and the Gods War is brought closer to the Mortal World. Same thing is true from the Lunar perspective. These religions are not normally intolerant of foreign cults, but they cannot long tolerate each other with endangering the lives of their own members.

When the Lunars conquered Sartar, they stopped the worship of Orlanth wherever they could. But their ability to enforce that was also pretty limited. After Starbrow's Rebellion, Fazzur cracked down much more effectively on the Orlanthi religion - in part because Starbrow's Rebellion greatly weakened the tribes and in part because Fazzur is one of the most competent leaders the Lunar Empire has.

Does that help?


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