Re: The Real City in the Big Rubble

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_HaNC4mU8tyYSzVexI-c9hFT0VE0JXPxpzXQGONhKIQv9HWECSxS_sgsD-cyNr-g>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 00:35:29 -0000

Darran, I've got my theories, but they're mostly concerned with the Real City in the 840's - ie when it was being built. I'm not so sure about Mani's fort.

> I am guessing that they are well fortified and the buildings
within are
> not too ruined.

That is correct, in my opinion. How they survived the Troll Occupation is a mystery to me (that I've been thinking about recently). Alliances with Chaos and Darkness spring to mind.

> Are they just small enclaves within the rubble with very little to
> with New Pavis or are they 'towns' in their own right?
> How insular are they?

IMO, very insular, with some secret that enabled them/their ancestors to survive the Troll Occupation. I'd have them mentally scarred, like perhaps holocaust survivors, or vietnam vets, or some other survivors of terrible trauma, with ancient traditions similar to the Gormenghast setting.

> How do they survive there?

It is easy now, compared to the old days.

> Is there plenty of trade? [Though what do they trade?]

The gear from dead adventurers, ancient wisdom, plundered treasures, zebras.

> Do they grow their own food or do they solely relay on trade?

They grow their own, catch their own, and eat bugs, rats, and all sorts of stuff.

> Thanks!
> Darran.

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