Re: The Real City in the Big Rubble

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_jDq7OVyc65A5TPNPubuDvUivvU_qX22EtrY2F-7oYnVId6XYqBEVLszkxmrn0DTAjPGb>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 06:36:10 -0000

> What can anyone tell me about the Real City or Mani's Fort in the Big
> Rubble?
> I am guessing that they are well fortified and the buildings within are
> not too ruined.

Both are very well fortified and even the ruined buildings incorporated into the fortifications. There are some fine ancient buildings in the Real City and the Crystal Temple is still impressive.

> Are they just small enclaves within the rubble with very little to do
> with New Pavis or are they 'towns' in their own right?

To give some perspective, Mani's Fort and the Real City are larger settlements than Clearwine and the Real City. They have existed on their own

> How insular are they?

The Real City has significant and constant contact with New Pavis. Mani's Fort is much more insular.  

> How do they survive there?
> Is there plenty of trade? [Though what do they trade?]
> Do they grow their own food or do they solely relay on trade?

Good question! Here's the standard answer from the cult of Pavis:

"Mystified Lhankor Mhy scholars have commented upon the large number of residents which the area supports. The priests of Pavis always reply that their god has great power for life within his lands and that the richness of the life within the Rubble proves it."


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