Re: Theory on the Puzzle Canal

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_e1A0-Tdig59BNaQBhXE8W935xVIZWphuBjS-ECqCve5jugi7RNo36QQFrusWzQWwSgU>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 22:41:39 -0000

Peter Metcalfe:
> I don't think it's really helpful or productive to hint at official
> super secrets
> that obliviate everything that has gone before and refuse to
discuss it
> telling people instead to wait for some book that may never come

I agree completely.

> Simply playing games of "I know something you
> don't" is far from a constructive use of this list and it isn't
very good
> marketing for that matter.

But it is part of a grand tradition. "I know something you don't know" has been part of Glorantha for a very long time, unfortunately.

See Ya

Simon (Who knows nothing that other people don't know)            

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