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Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 09:53:59 -0000

This reminds me of a project I was very exited in, but I let in standby at a pre-conception level, for lack of time (and lack of enthusiasm, since it completely missed to arouse any kind of interest on the Glorantha3D list). It was the project of vrmlmodeling  parts of Glorantha -my initial suggestion being of following Janes Williams path with a Pavis 3D model, but any other locality was (is) possible.
This vrml project would have been (can still be) hosted as a vrml- world (or technically a set of connected vrml-worlds) with a chat, allowing collective building with real-time speaking about the process.
I sadly lack most of the technical skills on many aspects of the task, but I had a very positive feedback to this project by the vr4all (w w w . vr4all . net) staff, after speaking to them both through the net and physically at the 2008 Laval Virtual international Exhibition, in France, (vr4all is a French non-profit organization hosting a set of virtual worlds allowing "to easily build worlds in 3 dimensions in an environment multi-user" through a very intuitive interface, using a collective license of the plug-in BS Contact vrml as engine 3d -access to the world & building process is free of charge, world hosting is for a very small annual subscription, these world being either public, displayed on a listing on the general vr4all page, or private, accessible through the world's owner page only - so we could put it on a specific gloranthan page with all the needed fan's policy legal notices; a limited access through an inscription is technically possible too, independantly at every levels: admin, builder, visitor).

The strong side of the idea were the possibility of a fully collective building project, with real-time discussion, feedback and help through the chat. The bad side of this is the restricted availability of the vr4all developers, all being volunteers with busy lives.

Anyone interested or do we just let the whole thing being canceled? -BTW, the vr4all's President (who beside rules a commercial virtual reality design enterprise) privately confessed having played RuneQuest, in a previous half-forgotten life...-

With apologies for my bad English.            

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