Re: model village Glorantha

From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_mPa5fzNit4s2gmpCpjZ6kRgebGhqG17JjiNaBkOepijNfpr2YA_x8M3iOxzbOat2ljU69>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 09:03:19 +0100

> Re: model village Glorantha
> Posted by: "Greg Stafford" glorantha1
> I do not have any desire to step upon any amateur effort, but I would like
> to share the fact that there is is likely to be a professional visualization
> of Glorantha available in a couple of years.
> I have sold a license to make a computer game set in Glorantha, and it may
> actually be set in Pavis.
> I will check with the licensee to see what other facts may be made public.
> --
> Greg Stafford
> Game Designer

Well, that got me *VERY* intrigued and eager to see the result. It seems I'll buy a videogame in a couple of years.

  Sergi Diaz            

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