Re: Second Age Pavis?

From: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_NnuxvmvQ4yAE-BnVopQX6I_iTvVV8uP7xpCMha6CRwAoAugk7zWNTepX0hSoGKk>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 04:17:36 -0000

> I think Golden Age Pavis would be quite as interesting and
> adventurous and Third Age. It would even be interesting to perform
> set of parallel adventures, playing parts of a historic puzzle with
> Third Age party exploring the Big Rubble, and getting the back story
> by having them play through the "history" in the Second Age.
> Now, just to find time to put it together. That's the trick.

If you look at the history you would see that there are way more than just two "eras" for the City. Breaking it down roughly you might have

Founding of the City (Pavis is there himself, building etc) This was where I set my game.

The Golden Age
Tyranny of Thog. Could be a wargame?

2nd Golden Age

The Nomad Sieges (17 foes of Waha period)ending with Balastors Last Stand.

Troll Occupation. tough to think of a way to make this fun in an RPG, unless perhaps, one played trolls.

Badside and the Founding of New Pavis. I think this has got legs and could be interesting, if a bit similar to the RQ2 era.

1613..1621 Runequest 2 era. Rubble Exploration/Lunar Conquest/Cradle Episode

The Gloriously Gloomy Empire of Lady Blue Annis (Your Glorantha May Vary)whereby a river hag conquers the city. OK, so there are lots of things that could happen based on some of the personalities on Pavis. Back in the 1980's, when I ran Big Rubble in RQ2, the PCs aligned with Blue Annis and it seemed plausible that they were going to obey their oaths to her.


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