Re: Second Age Pavis?

From: Evan Franke <justice94510_at_BudeEGA0Wg9u0hNAiCHlX48KtZE8_rb0n5A8p36Hh_QBXMTjDb6tNT2jzp6tBp->
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 03:54:18 -0000

Thanks everyone for the information. I'll have to look for the Rough Guide and will be very interested to see what comes out of Mongoose's shop.

I think Golden Age Pavis would be quite as interesting and adventurous and Third Age. It would even be interesting to perform a set of parallel adventures, playing parts of a historic puzzle with a Third Age party exploring the Big Rubble, and getting the back story by having them play through the "history" in the Second Age.

Now, just to find time to put it together. That's the trick.

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