Second Age Pavis?

From: Evan Franke <justice94510_at_Fo4ep7QzR9qrRLFcg3lHRu7M0Mn-bGBmTbhF-NxQ9dmrGhIWF3pdF6cb03sZyO7>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 14:52:06 -0000

I know that the new center of Third Age Glorantha launching with Hero Quest 2 is going to be Pavis Centered materials, and also that Glorantha Second Age has focus mostly on lands further west, but it seems like it would be amazing to see Pavis during its power in the Second Age and particularly understand its relationship to the EWF better, particularly now that the EWF turns out to be really pretty creepy.

Has anyone explored fan works of Second Age Pavis, and is there any hope to see some official publication?            

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