Re: "Why do we sleep?" stories and myths

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That's an interesting area to explore.
In Glorantha, I suspect sleep is tied into the Rune of Darkness, so perhaps that could provide a mythological starting point.

In the East Isles and other cultures that value Dreaming, I suspect sleep is seen more of a good thing that is necessary for the maintenance of the Universe. In Yelmic societies, I could see it being a great curse placed on mankind for going against the gods. (With dreams being the sweetness added to make it more palatable.)

-S. Santo Sengupta
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On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 3:43 PM, Todd Gardiner <> wrote:
> Have any myths been created on basic subjects, such as "Why do we sleep?"
> I know that death has been (more or less) covered by the stories of various
> cultures; often having to do with the Compromise and/or the end of the
> Greater Darkness. And answers for why cultures are shaped the way they are
> often have to do with learning to survive during the Greater Darkness. But
> other basic facts (why do we procreate? what is sex for? why do we age as we
> get older? how did George W. Bush get elected?) are barely touched upon in
> the books I've read.
> Could someone point to a good source of these myths for any culture.
> Especially Praxians and Orlanthi. Or should we start creating these as a
> group?
> --Todd
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