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YGWV On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 7:48 AM, pentallion <> wrote:

> Well, for some reason,

it's chaos. :-)

> the original topic is sidetracking constantly
> into woulda, coulda, shoulda territory, ignoring completely the
> original premise that "they DID." So in order to try to get
> people's minds wandering in the direction I'd hoped they go when I
> first posted, I'm rephrasing the question so that maybe I can eke
> out more useful ideas. Not that I didn't get lots of ideas, thanks
> everyone and I don't mean to seem unappreciative, but I think
> there's more to be had.

Thanks for starting over. I was overwhelmed by the responses.

> So here's the question: Given that everyone in Glorantha "earned"
> their place to be there, even the broos, even the Malians, what
> where some of the things that the Malians and Theddites did to earn
> their places in the world?

Specific events are mostly lost, since the chaos creatures keep no records, nor generally remember these things in a manner to access them again through ritual.

> If you turn to the Orlanthi/Malkioni/name your cult myths of how
> THEY survived those times, the Theddites and Malians are always the
> bad guys and losers.

Not really. Humans admit over and over that people were wiped out by chaos (including disease).

> But we know that's not true, since they , too,
> earned their places in the world.

By killing people and destroying everything. Yes. That is their part.

> So there must be Malian myths and Theddic myths wherein those Gods
> had their little victories, enough to secure their places. Anyone
> know of any or have good ideas of what these would be?

In general, the forces of chaos tend to NOT have individuality that is typical for the HeroQuest. This makes it difficult for any kind of identification for a HeroQuest to occur. In a very real sense, the world of Glorantha exists because of its own self-identification. Chaos destroys that--it is anti-self, as it were. And so it has very little personality.

Generally, the forces which can be identified as chaos forces were once human, or other identifiable entities that work to erase themselves, their kin and the world.

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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