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At 12:36 a.m. 26/12/2008, you wrote:

>So we see a journey of transformation: a fusion with the power of Death,
>living off the dead and dying,

What has she transformed from? And how is the change in Malia different from the change in the Cosmos in general (once growing then destroying)? Lastly the action of change by itself is not the heroic action that Pentallion was asking for - something more is required.

>a fading into the mythic background, an
>adaptation from direct assault to subtle attrition - the aim: eternal

Does a bacillus plot to take over the whole world? An agenda of worldly domination is credible to the cults of Yelm, Argan Argar while the only motivations of the Disease Masters is causing disproportionate misery to right the slights of the past.

>Then, to her further degradation, joining with those who would
>destroy the world.

And here is the big question: why? And an even bigger question arises from a part that you didn't quote: why stop?

>The last paragraph is interesting to me because it reveals that love plays
>its part in Mallia's life.

Yet there is damned little indication of love when someone is struck down by disease. Love is neither intrinsic nor apparent in Malia's actions - all we have is something written by the God Learners.

>There is also mention of the propitiary worship.

Which nobody has denied.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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