Re: Propitiatory worship (from The Unholy Trio etc.)

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Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 02:55:32 GMT

In message <> Richard Hayes writes:

>Recent discussions about Mallia have included a number of references
>to how Mallia receives propitiatory worship, which I understand to
>mean worshipping a hostile deity in order to appease it, and thereby
>to eascape the worst excesses of its manifestations on the Lozenge.

As a general principle I think propitiatory worship diverts bad things onto your neighbours. This is why it is often regarded as wrong and societies tend to penalise those who practice it. So when Valind blows a roof off it isn't the carl who made a sacrifice to Valind. The correct Orlanthi way is to sacrifice to Kadone to hold the roof down in spite of all Valind does. This strengthens Kadone whereas propitiatory worship strengthens Valind making it easier for Valind to take roofs off.

In the same way a sacrifice to Malia makes you immune to the disease but still allows you to infect others.

>I can even remember how this was done in Cults of Terror-- people
>sacrifice permanent power to be cured of a disease (also known as
>involuntary initiation)

I'd suggest that is a RQ game mechanic.

Donald Oddy


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