Re: Propitiatory worship (from The Unholy Trio etc.)

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_6ZMBupbes9LfUWhNE8VZS_IYugNxdZ_lDQQ1KPksVWEU6034N8l0m1Cps_NStCP3URoT>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 16:17:23 -0000

> As a general principle I think propitiatory worship diverts bad things
> onto your neighbours. This is why it is often regarded as wrong and
> societies tend to penalise those who practice it. So when Valind
> blows a roof off it isn't the carl who made a sacrifice to Valind.
> The correct Orlanthi way is to sacrifice to Kadone to hold the roof
> down in spite of all Valind does. This strengthens Kadone whereas
> propitiatory worship strengthens Valind making it easier for Valind
> to take roofs off.

Wooah, hold on a little bit here. Propitiatory worship is not considered "bad" by the Orlanthi - even very pious Orlanthi do it all the time. Propitiatory sacrifices are routinely offered to Humakt, Valind, Maran Gor, various destructive aspects of Orlanth, various Darkness entities and so on. These sacrifices are considered right and proper - even though these gods are largely malevolent, the Orlanthi gods expect such sacrifices to be made (and bad things will happen to the community if such sacrifices aren't made!).

Propitiatary sacrifices are also made to many gods and other entities that are hostile to the Orlanthi gods - Mallia, Jagrekriand, Yelm, Veskarthan, Zorak Zoran, Daga, various spirits and so on. The Orlanthi gods don't like this but generally don't do much about it. Pious Orlanthi might get a little uptight about this and say that such sacrifices are "strengthening the enemy" but if the need is great, people do it. These gods are recognized as having a place by the Orlanthi gods (sort of as enemies who play by the rules).

However, if you sacrifice to certain gods or entities that are outlawed by the gods, the Orlanthi gods get VERY pissed. Offering sacrifices to Shepelkirt, Thed, Malkion, or other Chaos Gods will bring tremendous repercussions from the Orlanthi gods on the community.

Hope that helps!


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