Re: Propitiatory worship (from The Unholy Trio etc.)

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Jeff Richard:

> Wooah, hold on a little bit here. Propitiatory worship is not
> considered "bad" by the Orlanthi - even very pious Orlanthi do it
> all the time.

This would be direct offerings to the entity in question, through rites, right?

> However, if you sacrifice to certain gods or entities that are
> outlawed by the gods, the Orlanthi gods get VERY pissed. Offering
> sacrifices to Shepelkirt, Thed, Malkion, or other Chaos Gods will
> bring tremendous repercussions from the Orlanthi gods on the
> community.

True. The correct way to uphold the existence of such enemy deities is to direct the worship through rites and quests fighting these deities, warding them off, tricking them, whatever.

To an objective outside observer the difference in the flows of magical energy is minimal. Even by claiming to fight whatever evil the Orlanthi summon up, they do call it into the world of life (where it can be sustained by the magics of life) and feed it thereby.

This may be necessary to enact the Great Compromise, but the fact remains that the Orlanthi Summons of Evil is trafficking with Chaos (or other bad things) much as direct propitiatory rites to such entities would be. The ensuing heroic actions against that evil may be aimed to tip the balance against that evil, but the manifestation of the evil is demon summoning like Eyzaali sorcerers would do for their rites, too.

As to the repercussions by the other deities in the Orlanthi religion: there are already mutually exclusive deities under that wide mantle, and many more intense rivalries (more intense than Elmal and Heler, e.g. Yelmalio - an Orlanthi deity - vs Elmal).

The ancestors are the first deities who need to be converted to accepting a new, non-Orlanthi deity/group of deities. This happens all the time, and has happened in world-shaking big ways in the past. Nysalor, the acceptance of the Dragon Way, adoption of God Learner adaptations are only the highest peaks, now joined by open acceptance of Sedenya in e.g. Sylila.

The definition "these aren't Orlanthi any more" is made by the Old Way Traditionalists (present in any age, not just as resistance against the EWF), and then it becomes a contest between ideas.

Many foreign ideas are repelled, but many more slightly less foreign ideas or entities get adopted. That has always been Orlanth's way.            

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