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So, you're saying that mysticism should have no PC-based GF at all?

I must admit to disappointment at reading "you shouldn't play mystics". I'd prefer something like: the mystic masters are outside a normal game's scope but you can play a trainee if you accept that the character could ascend out of play. Mystics *attempt* to remove themselves from their societies; as they *become* more enlightened they ascend further.

I'm sure most here have read, heard or watched stories where the mystic is a protagonist. One obvious example is Kung Fu ( - Wikipedia link).

In terms of how to do this, I'd suggest working it into your genre pack. Also, as the mystic attains further enlightenment, directed improvements could define how to interact with the world. I don't know what people here think about renaming or removing abilities from characters but it's possible that these two methods could be used to represent the detachment that a devout mystic seeks.

Ok, this is not a fully-fledged answer but I think it has potential.


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The biggest issue with Mysticism from a MGF standpoint is that mystics remove themselves from the societies that they originate from. As they become more powerful, they interact less with mundane cares. And for many, use of their powers limits or ends their future progress.

In that light, a mystic is better encountered as an NPC that illustrates important facets about the world, rather than trying to play one as a character.


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