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> I'm sure most here have read, heard or watched stories where the mystic is
> a
> protagonist. One obvious example is Kung Fu ( -
> Wikipedia link).

Well, he's a pretty bad mystic. One problem with mystics in HQ is the models that we have are mostly like Ingolf (I may have the name wrong) -- mystic studies give you fantastic powers that can't be used outside of very specific ritual situations -- something that would be deeply frustrating to most players, I think. Also, since mysticism in Glorantha has been defined as a pulling away from the world, but most players want to be more enmeshed in the world they are exploring, another source of frustration.

Which doesn't mean that you can't have a character with that feel -- you could easily have a swordsman like Li Mu-bai in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon -- someone who has a mystic outlook but follows a god or sorcerous school that gives powers that the player can use and feel good about. So the character is mystic culturally without being mystic mechanically.

Or that is my thoughts, having spent the better part of a year trying to come up with mysticism rules that would actually work in play and that Greg felt matched the feel of Glorantha.

Peter Larsen

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