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Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 10:25:27 +1100

2009/12/22 L C <>

> 1) Some of us have mentioned repeatedly we don't have the book. If some
> of our concerns are addressed there, we can reconsider ideas.

*I don't have the...* oh, thanks LC. :)

> 2) "So if the Orlanthi can do them then so can everybody else."
> I'm not sure that follows, although since I can't see the examples I
> can't say for sure.

Peter's suggestions all sound like crypto-theism to me.

I like the idea that all Gloranthan PCs have Runes, and that all of these Runes have ratings because otherwise having the runes is not especially significant since they are basically just another name or descriptor.

My interpretation is that personal Runes are articulated differently depending on the sorts of magic a person uses. Theists use their personal Runes as Affinities, relating them to one or more immortals via whatever initiation (*not *necessarily Initiation) practices used in their homeland. Animists might use them to form relationships ("we are alike...") with spirit beings. Essentialists (I am sick of writing "wizard") might use them to resonate with certain ceremonial religious practices or to comprehend key components of the cosmos.

I say "might" here because we really have only seen detailed rules for Orlanthi Theists so far.
(And when I say "we" I mean "you people with the book".)

John Machin
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