Re: Runes for non-theists [was: 'Three Runes']

From: L C <lightcastle_at_tjNjOhKeq0lYQqFIKIcpt9snwsar1JIZQyh2Yp71-Jv4Ntq-AYKOJeZRxgSC2P18>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 02:46:17 -0500

  Peter Metcalfe wrote:
> I'm not aware of any mythological reason allowing the orlanthi to use
> their affinities to boost their spells and charms and vice versa. If
> only the Orlanthi can do this, they would be mentioning the fact as
> proof of their superiority.

Ummm... don't they just boast of their superiority anyway? ^__^

But if this is something that shows up in the rules, we can always make up a myth for it.

> Except that animists can improve their charms and spirits without limit.
> The fixed ability rating for spirits that was a feature of HQ1.0 is
> gone. The key definition of a spirit's strength is your tradition
> knowledge.

Interesting to know.

> > (this could be whichever spirits have
> > the same or a greater or smaller number of Masteries in the Rune -
> > including temporary augments from social support and et cetera).
> Except that nobody has masteries in a rune, they only have masteries in
> a rune affinity which is a theistic thing and I'd really like to keep
> rune affinities out of basic animism and sorcery if I can. Animists do
> have a tradition knowledge but it is explicitly not tied to a rune.

I actually think keeping "rune" and "rune affinity" separate (and making that distinction clear) makes a lot of the whole question about "does everyone have runes" go away.


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