Re: Punishment for consorting with chaos

From: Paul King <paul_at_qIyqfZ2pQfSBYsqsf1QOKVGPiyH_0KHpThmmLGvcLI_lfX1tP0S2ody5Aa3u-lo9zs1w79V>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 20:19:41 +0000

On 1 Jan 2009, at 19:50, Bruce Mason wrote:

> I was wondering if there is a standard punishment in Orlanthi
> culture for
> someone who has been found to have consorted with chaos in some way?
> In
> particular, I'm running a campaign in 2nd age Heortland.

Execution is pretty rare in Orlanthi society. In Thunder Rebels it states:

"If a servant of the Predark is succored, or those who sacrifice to the Predark, or seek its mystery, knowingly or unknowingly, whether ill come of it or no, then twenty cows and outlawry"

Of course, while execution is rare, killing is more common. If the offender isn't killed before trial they are likely to be killed afterwards, once outlawed.

(Of course, punishments in Orlanthi society aren't really standardised either - the above is probably best viewed as a guideline - and clan or tribe politics are always likely to have an influence on the actual sentence).            

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