Re: Punishment for consorting with chaos

From: xavierllobet <xavierllobet_at_uqh_LleKx0m3MqVnedYxXNdQQxzf3zzPKQAgMDVO0Jtx0r39OUboDb2tMO2yUXQ>
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2009 20:58:43 -0000


> "If a servant of the Predark is succored, or those who sacrifice to
> the Predark, or seek its mystery, knowingly or unknowingly, whether
> ill come of it or no, then twenty cows and outlawry"

I wonder if the distinction between propitiatory worship and outright Chaos worship is clearly defined... I mean, how can an orlanthi know if his neighbour has REALLY crossed the line?            

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